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Winner of awards at both Sundance and the Berlin Film Festivals, SLEEP DEALER is Alex Rivera’s debut feature film – a visionary sci-fi story packed with big ideas about the future.

The narrative follows a young Mexican named Memo Cruz (Luis Fernando Peña) as he heads from his remote southern village, north towards the border, and in a sense, into America’s future.

A. O. Scott of the THE NEW YORK TIMES says:
“Exuberantly entertaining! A dystopian fable of globalization disguised as a science-fiction adventure. Mr. Rivera — a brilliant young director — takes his audience into a future of “aqua-terrorism” and cyberlabor that I wish I could dismiss as implausible.”

SLEEP DEALER is a truly unique film, packed with lush visuals and cutting-edge storytelling, but also the perfect conversation-starter for serious discussions about issues as diverse as labor and immigration, technology and ethics, globalization and the environment.

This DVD includes audio commentary and a BEFORE THE MAKING OF SLEEP DEALER documentary in which Alex Rivera discusses both the political ideas, and the filmmaking techniques, behind the film.

“Adventurous, ambitious and ingeniously futuristic, SLEEP DEALER is a welcome surprise. It combines visually arresting science fiction with a strong sense of social commentary in a way that few films attempt, let alone achieve.”
Kenneth Turan

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