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We are always seeking new members and interested in seeing new work.

Since we are not a distributor, but actually a collaborative of self-distributors,
our process of "acquiring" work is unique.

The first step is to write us a letter of inquiry. In your letter, please answer these three questions:

1. What are the titles, dates, and lengths of the works you'd want
to distribute through SubCine? Please provide a brief synopsis for the works.

2. What are some places the work has been shown?

3. How do you think the work could be used by institutions such
as universities, libraries, and museums?

As you answer these questions, please remember that SubCine is a collaborative
of motivated film makers who are actively distributing their work to institutions.
We don't do any home video or broadcast sales.

Please send your letter of inquiry, along with your contact information, to:

Your letter will be reviewed by the current membership.
If two or more SubCine members want to sponsor your application,
we'll ask for a video copy of the work, and your
application will ultimately be voted on by the current membership.

Thanks for your interest in SubCine. Please contact us with your questions.

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