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Cervando David Martinez

Cervando David Martinez was educated in various anarchist gatherings, bohemian ghettoes, and anticapitalist actions in the United States, Mexico, and Europe. He also went to college once.

Mr. Martinez has not been the recipient of a macarthur grant, nor has he been awarded a rockefeller or a fullbright.

Mr. Martinez is currently based out of nowhere and wants to live everywhere. His favorite cities include Nezahualcoyotl, Mexico; Trona, California; and Split, Croatia.

Other films not available from SubCine:

"the frog in the well" mini-DV, color, 28 minutes.

A documentary about the life and work of Hoh-Kun Yuen, physicist, ice-skater, photographer, radical historian. He devoted thirty-odd years to assembling a massive archive about the social movements that were happening all around him in his adopted hometown of berkeley, california, from 1963 until his death in 1997. Available from NAATA:

"eros: a film about direct action" mini-DV, color, 35 minutes.

A cinema-verite, personal style account of the anti-WTO protests that shut down Seattle, Washington, in 1999, and ushered in the wave of attacks on capitalist globalization that are currently still being played out. With music by experimental noise-rock trio FAT, and narration by Scottish author James Kelman. Available from the filmmaker:

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