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Wars and Images


By Gregorio Rocha

This documentary explores in the history of audio-visual representations that the United States and Mexico have created about each other. This documentary covers a span of 150 years, focusing in the different events of war in which both countries have been involved.

Gringo. The U.S.-Mexico war of 1846-48, as portrayed in personal chronicles, drawings, lithographs and Daguerreotypes.

Greaser. The Mexican revolution of 1910-1917, as a laboratory for the industry of images: postcards and newsreels.

Amigo. A revision of the influence of U.S. interests in Mexican nationalistic and propaganda films during the "Good neighbor policy" and World War II.

Illegal Critical revision of the role played by independent video and mainstream media in the creation of a war zone: The Mexico-U.S. border.

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Selected Awards:

-First Prize. Sistema Nacional de Televison Cultural. Mexico, 1996.
-Special mention as best educational documentary. Cartagena, Colombia. 1997.

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