Pretty Vacant



Molly “La Molly” Vasquez — perennial jr. college art student, incurable romantic, drummer for the all girl band ‘Aztlan-a-Go-Go’ — is a woman obsessed. This week (at least) with issue #5 of “Ex-Voto,” the latest issue of her underground ‘zine: a special isssue devoted to the legendary punk band the Sex Pistols and their infamous footnote-in-rock-history gig at Randy’s Rodeo, a redneck bar in San Antonio. Convinced from her research that she’s on the brink of a discovery so important that it will change the very tenets of rock and roll history as we know it, Molly’s probem is avoiding the annual Vasquez clan’s summer trip to la familia back in Mexico. Shot in glorious black and white, we see in vignettes life on the cultural edge as Molly struggles to confirm her theories, practice with her band, hang out with friends, play with her Super-8 camera, finish her ‘zine — all the while one step ahead of the slow burning Señor Vasquez and his non-refundable airplane ticket to the motherland.

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