Harry Gamboa Jr.: 1990s Video Art


El Mundo L.A.: Humberto Sandoval, Actor. Humberto Sandoval searches for reasons why there are no pyramids in Aztlán. 1992, SVHS, color, 12:00.

L.A. Familia. The Chicano nuclear family experiences a meltdown at ground zero of urban L.A. Included in the 1995 Whitney Biennial. 1993, SVHS, color, 37:00.

Mañanamania. A woman reveals her recipe for burnt relationships as she bakes her cake and eats it too. Premiered at Museum of Modern Art, New York. 1994, SVHS, color, 14:00.

Fire Ants For Nothing. A man declares his humanity as he struggles to push psychological boulders from his path. 1994, SVHS, color, 8:00.

Huevitos. Rotten eggs make the marriage as love is scrambled beyond repair. In English, Spanish, and Caló. 1994, SVHS, color, 21:00.

Loner With A Gun. A street artist alters the urbanscape with images of guns as he paints his way towards peace. 1994, SVHS, color, 8:00.

Rite of Overpass. Crossing-over is never accomplished when bridges crumble easily as fragile ideals. In memory of Lorraine Ordaz. 1998, SVHS, color, 14:00.

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