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Laura Aguilar: Life, the Body, Her Perspective
By Michael Stone

For decades Laura Aguilar has used photography as a tool to speak about people and issues not considered part of the cultural mainstream. Laura Aguilar: Life, the Body, Her Perspective presents personal video essays by the artist, a lecture she gave at UCLA in 2005 that describes her life as a photographer, plus an interview and documentary filmed by Michael Stone. A comprehensive series of slide shows features works from her extensive oeuvre, including Family and Friends, In Sandy’s Room, and Clothed/Unclothed. A bonus CD contains a PowerPoint survey that enables students and educators to study individual images, facilitating discussion of Aguilar’s groundbreaking art.

Produced by Michael Stone

Chicano Cinema and Media Art Series, Volume 8

UCLA Chicano Studies Research Center Press, September 2009

190 minutes


Genre: Documentary

Laura Aguilar: Life, the Body, Her Perspective

$195 Institutional DVD Purchase

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$195 Institutional DVD Purchase

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