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Que Viva La Lucha
By Gustavo Vazquez

QUE VIVA LA LUCHA is a documentary that features a look at the sport of Lucha Libre or Mexican wrestling, specifically the extreme version in Tijuana. It explores how individuals are drawn to this grueling sport as either the wrestler or as a devoted fan, many of whom come from poor, working class neighborhoods. Universal themes of good vs. evil, the underdog beating the bully, the noble hero outwitting the corrupt nemesis - all play out over and over to generations of fans. The wrestlers fabricate unique characters that their fans can embrace or insult, such as corrupt politicians and cops, crime fighting heroes, mythological figures and villains. Familiar traces of comic book heroes like Superman, Spiderman, action fighting icons like Bruce Lee or a modern day Robin Hood combine to form one of Mexico's favorite spectator sports.




Que Viva La Lucha

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