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The Great Mojado Invasion, Part II
By Gustavo Vazquez

"A master piece of border camp and reverse anthropology"

Pioneer performance artist and writer Guillermo Gómez-Peña and independent filmmaker Gustavo Vazquez reunite to re-edit their legendary cult video with brand-new footage and a re-mastered soundtrack by maestro Guillermo Galindo. In this 'master piece of border camp and reverse anthropology,' the artists attack hard reality with large doses of irony, black humour and high style, generating a complex commentary on history, society, pop culture, the politics of representation and the repercussions of ethnic dominance. Like a ghost from the future, 'El Mad Mex' Gómez-Peña narrates this hybrid-genre video, which envisions a queue of mojados ('wetbacks') who re-conquer lost Mexican territory to establish the new 'U.S. of Aztlan.

The Great Mojado Invasion, Part II

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$200 Institutional DVD Purchase

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