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Once Upon A Time in the Bronx
By Ela Troyana

Shot between 1989 and 1992, Once Upon A Time In The Bronx remains a document of it's time. A collage of sequences and segments mixing Spanglish rap narration, spaghetti western styling, and animated dolls depicting homeboys and flygirls, this Bronx-based slice-of-life depicts male bonding, machismo, and Latino culture in an episodic story influenced by hip hop sampling techniques. An anti-documentary portrait of the rap duo Latin Empire. All rights avaiable, including video cassette and broadcast, US and foreign.

"Once Upon a Time In the Bronx" (1994)
16mm Color Sound 28:00
Featuring Latin Empire aka Ricardo Rodriguez and Anthony Boston
Production Design by Pepon Osorio
Edited by Suzanne Pillsbury and Ela Troyano
Music by Latin Empire
Director of Photography Francisco Salomon
Screenplay Lorraine LLamas, Ricardo Rodriguez, Anthony Boston and Ela Troyano
Produced by Alfredo Bejar
Directed by Ela Troyano
Funded by The Independent Television Service and the New York State Council

on the Arts

Once Upon A Time in the Bronx

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