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His Hidden Presence
By Willie Varela

This film was inspired by the title of a book which was loaned to me about spirituality and the "invisible" guiding hand of God in men's affairs. The "hidden presence" of the Almighty implies that we must look for Him, becaue He hides from us, thus compelling our search and eventual discovery, if we are persistent and if we have enough faith. This video investigates the ways of the world, particularly the ways in which human beings inflict pain on each other, how they deceive and betray each other, their love of death and violence, but most importantly, the ways in which we do not search for enlightenment, for engagement, for compassion. This video is also full of contradictions in that it revels in the profane while at the same time criticizing these base images. Humanity, and of course the maker's humanity, embodies the vulgar and the sublime, the sacred and the profane, the dark presence in the midst of radiant beauty, all confirming our essentially fragile and deeply flawed natures.

His Hidden Presence

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