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By Ela Troyana

An award winning portrait. Mixing Carmelita Tropicana's monologues and drag performance, the women's prison film and American musicals, this Lower East Side day-in-the-life of the self styled "superintendent-performance artiste" wreaks havoc with cultural stereotypes. Starring Carmelita Tropicana aka Alina Troyano. Broadcast rights available, US and foreign; for videocassettes please see First Run Features.


"Carmelita Tropicana" (1994)16mm Color Sound 28:00

Featuring Carmelita Tropicana, Sophia Ramos, Anne Iobst and Livia Daza Paris

Production Design and Costumes by Uzi Parnes

Edited By Freddy Rodriguez

Music by Fernando Rivas

Director of Photography Sarah Cawley

Line Producer Alfredo Bejar

Screenplay Carmelita Tropicana and Ela Troyano

Produced and Directed by Ela Troyano

Funded by The Independent Television Service and the New York State Council on the Arts


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