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SubCine is the best source for independent Latino film and video.  We are an artist-run and artist-owned collective of Latino film and video makers.

Through SubCine, you'll find some of the most challenging, experimental, and progressive film and video work being done today.  Works in our catalog have been screened on PBS, in the Guggenheim Museum, the Museum of Modern Art, and at the Sundance Film Festival, among others venues.

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Subcine announces the DVD release of Jim Mendiola‘s, COME AND TAKE IT DAY and SPEEDER KILLS now available for institutional use. To celebrate the release, Subcine will be offering the complete set of Mendiola’s three films (including PRETTY VACANT) at a discounted price through January 1, 2011.

The films have been used in American Studies, Chicano/Latino/Mexican-American Studies, History, Critical Studies and have been featured in several academic books.  

Mendiola's filmmaking style contains energy and enthusiasm to burn, brimming with attitude. - Variety



Director Alex Rivera's Sundance award-winning visionary sci-fi film SLEEP DEALER is now available on DVD! 

A. O. Scott of the THE NEW YORK TIMES says:

"Exuberantly entertaining! A dystopian fable of globalization disguised as a science-fiction adventure. Mr. Rivera — a brilliant young director — takes his audience into a future of “aqua-terrorism” and cyberlabor that I wish I could dismiss as implausible." This truly unique film, packed with lush visuals, is the perfect conversation-starter for discussions about labor and immigration, technology and ethics, globalization and the environment."

Read an interview with director Alex Rivera at 'Foreign Policy in Focus.'



It's hard to put into words how thrilled we are for filmmaker Natalia Almada who was just named a MacArthur Foundation Fellow.

The New York Times article on the announcement, which features a discussion of Natalia's extraordinary body of work, is here.


It's a profound honor for SubCine to be the exclusive distributor of "Al Otro Lado (To The Other Side)," Natalia's first feature film.


Natalia's newest film, "El Velador" is being broadcast on the PBS series P.O.V. 


Latinos account for almost fifty million people in the United States, and yet our presence in American film culture does not nearly reflect this reality.


Today, Natalia Almada received a much-deserved personal recognition, and the community of Latino filmmakers has taken a step into a brighter and more powerful future.  Congratulations and felicidades to Natalia Almada.

Celebrating 40 years since the founding of the Young Lords...

¡PALANTE, SIEMPRE PALANTE! is now available on DVD!

"This is a powerful documentary and should be on every list for teaching about the Puerto Rican community and the 60s civil rights movement." Viewing Race

I'm thrilled about the launch of Subcine; as a programmer I've longed for a smart and exciting distribution source of Latino-themed work. Subcine's catalog features an eclectic group of works by some of the most innovative film and videomakers working today.

María Christina Villaseñor, curator, Guggenheim Museum